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Joe Finkle is the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for Joe Finkle & The 7-10 Splits. A former member of Mars Needs Women, The Memphis Mafia, Red Hot & Blue, and Voodoo Train -- Joe's musical journey continues along in Southern California. Born in Tennessee and raised on rockabilly, Joe is literally rocking his life away. He caught the bug very early on, playing in bands in junior high, then high school, college and continuing until now.

When Joe hit Southern California, Joe found the rockabilly scene featured a lot of watered down music and fashion shows. It didn't have that Tennessee sound. He embarked on a project to bring some of those Memphis Sun sounds out to the west coast. Throw in a splash of New Orleans and a secret ingredient being held in a bank safe squirreled away in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico -- then you got it! Joe considers playing live the best part of being a performer. His wild stage shows have gotten rave reviews from audiences around Southern California. Joe is proud to carry the rockabilly torch onto the next generation of fans.
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